🚅 Do More or Do Less

January 21, 20243 minutes

🚅\u00a0Do More or Do Less

Peter Drucker said: There is nothing more useless than doing useless work efficiently.


Consuming too much on the things that don’t matter and putting too little into the things that do matter is the most common mistake we make. The main reasons behind this are.

Like to seek short-term rewards, people subconsciously choose to do things that are simple and can see results immediately.

Procrastination and fear psychology, people often have a fear of things that are not easy to solve.

The best excuse for mediocrity I’ve worked so hard and the results are still not good enough, it’s not my problem.

Especially when the list of tasks becomes long, managing them drop becomes difficult. People need to spend a lot of energy, but also feel confused, stressed and upset. And it’s easy to do too many ineffective chores and ignore the important things.

Do more, will turn people into a sophisticated and high stress machine and become slaves to time.


We need to understand that there are few things that really matter, only a few things are of great value, everything else is almost noise, so we need to learn to let go of the noise.

  • the important things come first
  • Learn to reject
  • Clean up regularly
  • Set buffers for conflicts and surprises
  • Stay focused
  • Empty your brain when you’re done

Weedone is well designed

Weedone is completely different from other todo-type software that urges people to think about how to do less but get more.

We’ve done a lot of research and years of practice to find this simple and effective way that has helped many people get out of their busy schedules and find meaning in their lives.

Double List

We ditched over 90% of the functionality of traditional Todo software, leaving only two lists, one for the current week and one for the garden. With this clever design of double lists, we keep our attention always on the important things, while giving some (potentially important tasks) a garden for placement.

Number of tasks limit

Current Week List Can store up to 7 tasks. Garden List can store up to 100 tasks .


Because the week is the best pace for everyone to work and study.

Take the end of a task seriously

We consider the end of a task to be a serious matter, which involves many factors such as stakeholders. Make sure that each task has a substantial result, so take the operation of ending it seriously.

More surprises

To learn more by reading our blog, where we explain it in more detail.


There may be some discomfort and perhaps even some anxiety and hesitation for those who are just starting to practice the do less concept. But trust that this is only temporary, and after some time to adjust, people will like this approach.

Weedone is willing to help people think more, find the most important things and become better.

Let’s do less but get more, be the master of time.