💡 What Is Insou

What Is Insou

Insou is your AI-powered pathway to captivating content and compelling presentations. Write, engage, and shine without the hassle of design and formatting.

Insou features

Focus on content, not style

Many presentation software tools tend to overly emphasize aesthetics, leading to complex creation processes. However, the quality of a speech is primarily determined by its content, accounting for about 90%

So we have developed these features:

  • ✍️ Create slides like writing documents
  • 😌 Use Markdown syntax, making it easy for anyone to get started
  • 🦾 AI Copilot integration
  • 🌍 Online sharing
  • 🛹 Export to PDF, Markdown, and PPT
  • 🎨 Built-in premium themes

We also prepare some information about Slides.

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takahashi_method
  • https://masterclass.ted.com/blog/visual-presentations-series-less-is-more


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